Life-Size Animatronic Scarecrow

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Beware of Stitches from Haunted Hill's Premiere Halloween Collection. Watch out, Stiches the Scarecrow will frighten more than just the birds. Many years ago, some children were playing in his cornfield. Suddenly, Stitches came alive and chased them deep into the darkness. Locals attempted to restrain the haunted beast and fastened him tightly to his pole, but when they checked the post in the morning, he had vanished. Stiches wears their limp ropes as a warning. he cannot be contained. As he searches for innocent victims, his eyes flash an ominous red. He greets guests with a deep sinister voice and slowly raises his head to glance at them. Don't be fooled by his floppy hat, plaid shirt, and slashed burlap grin. Stiches might at first look normal----friendly, even--- but you'll see a new side of him come nightfall.

  • Life-size animatronic: poseable Halloween scarecrow is perfect for your indoor or (covered) outdoor decor, display your animated decoration in a variety of different scary and evil ways at your next party
  • Multi-functional: creepy and spooky, this animated strawman talks, lights up, moans, and has motion, he will turn your home into a haunted house in no time, prop on the stand or hang in your garden/yard for a spooky cornfield or graveyard look
  • Touch activated: place your zombie-like pumpkin ghost at your front door or along your walkway to delight and frighten trick or treaters, activates by touch or from loud noises like wind or the screams of scared people passing by
  • Features: talks evilly, eyes light-up red, and head moves up and down, don't come back, i will destroy you, i will destroy each and every 1 of you
  • Figure can stand or hang to fit eerily into your Halloween decor
  • Plugin: adaptor: 110-Volt to 240-Volt UL adaptor motor: 2-Watt
  • Quick and easy stand assembly
  • Fabric: polyester blend, burlap, mesh, hat: burlap mesh