Glass Infusion Water Pitcher

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The RIO Glass Infusion Carafe is the perfect pitcher for serving and storing infused water, sangria, iced tea, juice or any other beverage. It comes with a smart lid, which remains shut when the pitcher is upright and opens up when you go to pour from the water pitcher. It also has a filter screen built in that holds back fruit from your fruit infused water or cocktail

This infuser pitcher also acts as a great sangria maker and wine decanter with it's built-in aerator in the lid. Not only can the Rio be used for making fruit and herb infused water and detox water, but it can also be used to make an easy sangria recipe. Simply add a bottle of wine of your choice, add your cup of fruits and let it infuse. When pouring, the filter inside the lid will keep the fruits from falling out. The lid will aerate your wine as you pour.

The RIO carafe is handmade by expert glass artisans. Every unit is individually hand-blown, making each Rio unique in its own way. The glass is strong and durable and is perfect for home or even restaurant use. This pitcher is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.

Perfect for any room temperature or cold beverages. We do not recommend using it for hot beverages.

GROSCHE is a social enterprise that is working to help those without access to safe drinking water. Every time you buy a GROSCHE product you are giving 50+ days of safe drinking water to someone in need via the GROSCHE Safe Water project.


Number of Pieces: 1

Dimensions (Overall): 5.5 inches (L), 14.2 inches (H) x 5.3 inches (W)

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Used For: Cold Beverages

Capacity (Volume): 32 ounces

Eligible for 2-Day Shipping: No

Only Eligible as Add-On Item: No

Prop 65 Warning: No

Material: Glass