5.5' Animatronic Red Eye Witch

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Be afraid. Be very afraid of Haunted Hill Farm's Curses and Cauldrons Collection. These blood curdling creatures are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, co-workers, or customers. Harper the Witch is eager to greet your guests this Halloween. She laughs wickedly as she taunts each passerby, her eyes flashing a fearsome red as she shrieks. "Let me show you the true face of Halloween,? she croons. I wouldn't let her? This horrifying hag wears a black cloak, a pointed witch hat, and holds a cane in her pale hands. Harper's piercing blue eyes, mouth lacking several teeth, and gnarled skin will make her stand out from your porch, at your doorstep, or in your walkway. Suspend the witch from her hanging loop, stand her at your driveway, and bend her arms into a variety of haunting positions for the perfect scare each night. Invite Harper to your home and she promises a bewitched Halloween. She doesn't promise to be nice, though?

  • 5.5-ft. Standing witch with cane for indoor and covered outdoor display
  • Harper is touch activated- eyes flash red, laughs wickedly, talks, shrieks
  • Sinister witch voice greets guests with five chilling phrases
  • Phrase 1: "(Evil Laugh)? Let me show you the TRUE face of Halloween!?
  • Phrase 2: "Trick or treat! (evil laughs)?
  • Phrase 3: "How about a kiss??
  • Phrase 4: "So? you want some treats? (shrieks and laughs)?
  • Phrase 5: "Is that? a mask??
  • Arms bend into a variety of frightening positions
  • Wears black cloak and pointed witch hat and cape
  • Holds cane in hand
  • Long ratty gray/white hair
  • Eerie, pale human hands
  • Piercing blue eyes, gnarled skin
  • Open mouth reveals missing teeth
  • Figure stands or hangs to fit into your Halloween decor (6 in. hanging loop)